Kilroy is a water-quality monitor unlike any other. Hardly larger than a football, at a fraction of the cost of other sensors, Kilroy monitors the physical, chemical and biological indicators of health in a particular body of water and it does so, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A fully loaded Kilroy system measures:

  • Depth
  • Water Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity
  • Water Temperature
  • Flow speed
  • Flow direction
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll
  • Blue Green algae
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphate

Kilroys equipped with a meteorological station measure:

  • Rainfall
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Air temperature
  • Barometric pressure


Introduction to the environmental variables measured by Kilroy: Kilroy Terminology.

View live, real-time Kilroy data and meteorological data. View Data


Kilroy Academy Intro 101: The Kilroy Network (4:49 min.) Video tutorial about accessing and plotting Kilroy data.


Learn the definitions and normal ranges of environmental variables measured by Kilroy in the Indian River Lagoon. Kilroy Terminology


Kilroy Academy: Bringing Real-Time Water Quality Data into Florida Classrooms (53:07 min.) Webinar recording.  In this webinar Dr. Widder provides an overview of Kilroy Academy.  If your time is limited and you want to focus on the core information, you can start at the 14:30 mark and stop at 35:30.



Kilroy, as you may remember, was also a WWII legend, appearing as a cartoon character mysteriously scrawled here and there. Everywhere you went, “Kilroy was here." We at ORCA developed this device with the hope that it will soon become as ubiquitous, yet inconspicuous, as Kilroy was. We envision one day hanging our sign above a nation of revitalized and vibrant waters, proudly declaring, ‘Kilroy is here.’

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